5 Ways To Wake Up Feeling Amazing And Looking Great

5 Ways To Wake Up Looking And Feeling Amazing

Organized morning routines and workouts always receive plenty of media, I love to flex my muscles in the morning time and the skin glow with the boost of endorphins is great, but there are things you can do before heading to bed to wake up feeling amazing and looking great!! My nights tend to follow a routine –  all devices are turn to silent and placed on charge at 45 minutes before my bedtime, start diffusing  my essential oils next to my bed and dim all the lights. I also use these 5 ways to be at my best when I wake up.

  • Have An Early Dinner

    I find this challenging on busy days, but it makes a huge difference for my family and I. We eat dinner early at least by 6.30pm, which allows our bodies to fully digest the meal before attempting to sleep peacefully.

  • Avoiding  Alcohol, Sugar And Salt

    Avoiding large amounts of alcohol, sugary treats and salty foods is a necessity for a healthy lifestyle and body. Our bodies retain water so cutting back on these will stop me waking up bloated.

  • Using Your Beauty Products Correctly

    Using your Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Night and Eye Cream in the correct order and leaving time for each product to be absorbed into your skin allows for optimum results. My skin always looks at it’s healthy glowing best when following this plan.

  • Hand And Feet Treatments

    Before bed I rub Peppermint cream into my feet and heels, then pull on my comfortable socks, my feet feel amazing in the morning. I also use a moisturizing hand cream which I let absorb for a few minutes before getting into bed.

  • Get 8 Hours Sleep

    Be in bed 8-9 hours before your morning alarm is set to go off!! To look and feel your best, your body time to rest and rebuild. Not feeling tired? I climb into bed anyway and read a book (not my iPad) to get my body in sleep mode.

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