To ScotchGuard Or Not To ScotchGuard

To Scotch Guard Or Not To Scotch Guard

To ScotchGuard or not to ScotchGuard…..that is the question. Here are my answers for you to ponder as the Christmas season approaches.

Are you hosting an event or party in your home? If the answer is yes, then you have to consider a few things before deciding if you need to protect your upholstered furniture from the mishaps that can occur while hosting. Preparation ahead of time with a DIY emergency cleaning kit that you can tailor to the food and beverages that will be enjoyed during the festivities is practical and economical for you and your upholstered furniture. You probably already have some of the items you will need in your home if something were to happen. From a spilled beverage or plate of food here are a few key items to keep handy.

  • Old towels, facecloths and hand towels are perfect for liquid spills. A great tip for those who will be hosting young children is to put a cloth or towel under them if they are eating or drinking at a table especially if you have cloth seating. Cheaper to wash a towel than the alternative. Even if your guest brings their pet with them and has an accident, old towels and rags are the most eco friendly as you can wash and use again and again. J-cloths, bamboo cloths for those who may not have a couple of well used towels are just as earth friendly as you can wash them too. Paper towels, napkins or disposable wipes should be the last resort if possible.
  • Empty spray bottles. Always handy to have a few empty spray bottles on hand so you can tailor your own stain fighting concoctions to the food and beverages that will be served.
  • Vinegar, club soda, baking soda, mild detergent, dry cleaners solvent or manufacturers recommended cleaners. On my Pinterest board Keep it Clean I’ve collected many common solid and liquid stain removal recipes. ALWAYS test in an inconspicuous area of the fabric first for colourfastness. Do not use bleach unless recommended by the fabric manufacturer. See last months article on Fabric Care Labels for more information. Know your fabric first before attempting any type of stain removal.

If you’re worried about your upholstery and know that the fabric doesn’t already come with a stain repellant coating you can save the DIY hassles and choose to Scotchguard the fabric before any stain has a chance to set. You can pick up a spray can of 3M Scotchgard at most hardware stores and DIY or contact a local upholstery cleaning service that provides that service and set up an appointment to have your fabric protected professionally before the festivities even happen!

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