How To Clean Out Your Entire Closet In Less Than 1 Hour

How To Clean Out Your Entire Closet In Less Than 1 Hour

Cleaning out our closet is one of jobs that most of us put off for too long. Normally because all those experts tell us that we need to put aside half a day or in some cases a whole day to get through the process.  What if I could share with you a super easy method that can get you uncluttered in only 1 hour? Spending a little more than 10 minutes on each step, I make this a habit at least once a season. A closet clean out is great way to become aware of your shopping patterns, realize how many clothes you already own and in some cases don’t even wear!  Hopefully the clean out results will have you thinking twice next time you complain you have nothing to wear. There several apps out there that you can download onto your phone that help you style outfits and change up the combinations to get the most wear out of your clothes that you already own, it can stop you from buying duplicates, and maybe even curb your clothes spending. Just think that money could go towards planning a European escape…… I use Stylebook  but I have also tried Closet and Stylicious.

Our environment suffers from our consumerism and overconsumption, clothes are filling our landfills rather than being recycled. Don’t throw your clothes away, donate them to charity or if they are past their prime – there are plenty of programs that use rags and cloth for recycling into brand new garments.

Stained Or Damaged Clothes

You spilt coffee, red wine or some other offending food on yourself and despite numerous soakings the stain remains. A hem has unraveled, a button hole has frayed or the zipper has broken. These clothes don’t belong on your body let alone taking up space in your closet. Any garments that need to be repaired should be done within 7 days or out it goes, no excuses!


Have you actually even worn them? Did you purchase them on sale with much thought? Do they fit your feet? Or are they slightly too big or too small? If any of these apply, those shoes need to go to a new home! Have your shoes been cared for or do they need a trip to the shoemaker for some TLC? Good quality, well made shoes can be re-soled and even dyed to a different colour shade

Does It Fit?

Your clothes are supposed to fit you and make you feel good wearing them. Segregating clothes to the ‘one day I will lose weight and then I will wear them’ section, is taking up valuable space in your wardrobe.  Feel good about your body now, not at sometime in the future and wear clothes to reflect that. Garments that don’t fit you comfortably and or flatter your body need to go!


Our bodies change, make sure your brasserie fits you properly. Take time and have a fitting with professional consultant, select underwear that fits your body shape. Any garments that are deformed, stretched out, or are too large or small need to leave your drawers immediately. Ensure you have the basics covered and they fit you well.

The “One Day” Garments

You have never worn it but it was expensive, it might come back into style one day, it doesn’t work in your life and you can’t imagine when you will wear it. These pieces of clothing need to be passed on to others immediately.

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