The 5 Necessities You Must Do For Your Condo Showing

The 5 Necessities You Must Do For Your Condo Showing

Clients always tell me they want top dollar when selling their condo and ask if they need to make improvements. In many cases the space needs to be decluttered and the walls painted. But no matter what, your space must be clean!! No prospective buyer wants to walk through your mess and smell tainted air, they want to imagine themselves living in a clean and well maintained condo. These are the 5 necessities you must do for your condo showing.

Remove Your Pets And Their Smell

Everyone gets used the smell of their own pets in their living space but prospective buyers are walking into your condo for the first time. Make sure your pet is out of the condos for showings, launder their bedding and tuck away their toys. If your pets requires a litter box make sure is cleaned out, sealed up in a plastic bag and tucked away.

Clean Your Oven And Clean Out Your Refrigerator 

It’s not usual during a showing for a buyer to inspect the appliances. In most cases the appliances are included in the sale so buyers want to know what they are purchasing. Scrub your oven and racks, line it with aluminum foil is necessary and remove for showings. Clean out your refrigerator, toss out of date or foods with strong odours. Leave a little pot of baking soda and vanilla on the top shelf at the back of the appliance to keep it smelling fresh.

Take Out The Trash

Make sure you have emptied all your bins and tossed the trash down the chute before you leave. Sprinkling a little peppermint oil on a piece of paper towel and leaving it in the bottom of the bin will freshen up the receptacle.

Scrub Your Bathroom

Scrub your bathroom till it sparkles, bleach the grout if necessary. Purchase a new light bright shower curtain or make sure the shower glass is spotless. Always have fresh clean towels out for showings and add a touch of green with a healthy indoor plant. Think spa retreat…..

Wash The Dishes And Shine The Sink

Wash your dishes or run the dishwasher so all the cutlery is clean. Make sure your kitchen counters are spotlessly clean and shine the kitchen. Everyone wants a hygienic sparkling kitchen.

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