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5 Practical Ways To Being Present In The Moment


5 Practical Ways To Being Present In The Moment

It’s November and Christmas is just around the corner again, take a moment – what have been the most memorable times from this year? What single moments captured your mind? Preparing large dinners with your family, reading your children a book, or simply just raking up the Fall leaves?

Being present and mindful, and not missing the beauty and joy of the present moment doesn’t come naturally to most of us…. it’s all about being constantly busy and having a full schedule. Or as many call it the ‘hustle’. No one is perfect at this, and certainly not Me – it’s a learning process and not one that ever really master, life it is messy and beautiful all at the same time.

  • A simple habit of meditating for just 5 minutes a day to start with, working to 15 minutes. When you wake up, simply sit comfortably and focus on your breath for 5 minutes. If your mind wanders off, take note and refocus returning to your breathing. Set either a low volume or vibrating timer, when the timer goes off, take a moment to reflect and then start your day. Expanding your meditation time by a minute each week till you reach your goal of 15 minutes or more! Being part of a regular group or having a partner to meditate makes you accountable and you are able to support each other in continuing to practice. This can also widen your circle of like minded individuals that share your ideas and thoughts of the life you are trying to create.
  • Set an in intention in your heart and mind before starting a task. Take a pause and think about what and why you are trying to achieve. I cook dinner or bake a cake out of love for my family, I write and share ideas on The Elegant Luxe Life blog out of love for my readers. I exercise out of love for my body and to encourage both my mind and spirit. Setting an intention makes you mindful of the task at hand, it’s not a chore anymore.
  • A set chime on your phone or computer – there are numerous apps out there,  to remind you to pause, be mindful of what’s going on right now and smile as reminder to be present in this moment
  • Life is a journey. If you’re feeling the frustration of dealing with a difficult family matter or a work colleague, grieving for the loss of a loved one or in a situation that feels like it out of your control. Look at the bigger picture and see the person or situation as a teacher. What is causing your reactions? Instead of just reacting, learn about yourself – what can you appreciate about this moment that you maybe taking for granted? Refocus your energy and starting see difficulties, people and conflict that arises in the present as a teacher to help us grow into actually being the present in the moment.
  • At the end of each day or maybe at beginning, take time to either journal or simply reflect. Daily reflection is one of the most useful tools towards self awareness and becoming present in each moment.

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