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A Few Of Our Favourite Things The Christmas Season Has Started

Hello Everyone,

So, have you noticed all the Christmas decorations are out in all the stores? I guess, the Holiday season has started already and it’s only November 4th!! Once Halloween is done out comes all the Christmas decor and trees….. If you need any ideas or inspiration for you season planning don’t forget about our contributor Kim from Kim Magic’s post, Gearing Up For Christmas – Less Chaos More Cheer! with tips and advice. Handmade or store bought gifts? Do you shop early with a list or at the last minute with an ‘anything will do’ attitude? I have to admit that I am a ‘shop early’ girl, with a list and definite idea of everyone’s wants. “Sale Alert” for anyone who has started or about to start their Christmas shopping, Amanda from Go To Kids Clothing is having a sale on select items but there are limited numbers – so get it fast!! I also start my decorating the last week in November, I love Christmas and like the season to last as long as possible but in a relaxed and calm way without any hurry or rush. I started soaking my fruit and peel for our traditional Christmas cakes and pies a couple of weeks ago. Sewing individual Santa sacks then embroidering them with our names are on my ‘must do’ calendar for this year, we discard so many meters of used Christmas wrapping paper – which is such a waste of resources and money, my hope is to have theses finished in the next few weeks.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx

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Keep Calm And Get Ready For Christmas

Kim Of Kim Magic’s Post ‘Gearing Up For Christmas – Less Chaos More Cheer!

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