3 Ways To Get Protein In Your Diet Without Eating Red Meat

Quinoa, Black Bean, Spinach and Corn Burgers With Black Beans Bun Crust


Protein Sources

Protein is found in nuts, seeds, beans and legumes. Legumes – peas, lentils and beans offer an inexpensive, and full of flavour protein rich alternative to meat. Protein is in eggs, yogurt, low-fat milk and cheese. Don’t forget that vegetables can be a source of protein, spinach is one of those.

Side Dishes And Snacks

Hummus and black bean burgers are great sources of protein. Then there is quinoa, a gluten free grain loaded with fibre and protein, use it to accompany stir fries or add it to salads for an extra dose of protein. With a little planning, it’s easy to incorporate protein into all parts of a meal.  Don’t forget about trail mix and sunflower seeds, throw in a handful of nuts or seeds to salads and stir fries to get some protein.

Protein Shakes

Shakes are another option, especially after a workout. Whey protein is great a protein source, try adding whey protein to your smoothie recipe. Many people enjoy their smoothie as a meal replacement or snack. If you don’t eat dairy, try protein powders that are made from hemp, brown rice, and pea protein.

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