Try These 2 Natural Alternatives To Relieve Hay Fever And Dust Allergies

Try These 2 Natural Alternatives To Relieve Hay Fever And Dust Allergies

If you suffer from Hay Fever and Dust Allergies, you know how uncomfortable and sometimes the unbearable pain in your sinuses can be, and the allergies don’t just disappear now we are in Fall. Your symptoms you can include streaming and stinging eyes, a stuffy blocked or runny nose with sneezing and an itchy throat. You have probably tried every tablet and spray that is on the shelves at your local pharmacy. What about trying a more natural approach?


Reflexology techniques can be performed on the sinus area represented on the tips of our fingers and toes. These techniques can be done on your fingers anytime and any place, no one would even realize what you are doing. These techniques send increased blood circulation to the nose and sinus area providing relief for blocked sinuses. Through reflexology, you can help reduce inflammation and start breathe more easily faster.


The ancient Chinese medicine technique of acupuncture has been found to dramatically reduce blocked sinus which are one of the symptoms of Dust Allergies and Hay Fever. An acupuncturist, using sterile needles, pinpoints specific areas of our body to relieve and alleviate hay fever symptoms. It’s recommended to have four to six acupuncture sessions for optimum results.

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