What’s The Difference Between Vintage And Second Hand?

The definition of Vintage from the Cambridge dictionary –

‘Of High Quality And Lasting Value, Or Showing The Best And Most Typical Characteristics Of A Particular Type Of Thing, Especially From The Past’

While the definition of Second Hand –

Not New; Used In The Past By Someone Else

Most Vintage may be second-hand, but the word ‘Vintage’ evokes a feeling of style and substance rather than condition. Recently the word ‘Vintage’ has been used to describe anything that is old. A more accurate use of the word would be to illustrate an item that is special or unique with a timeless quality and, therefore, having value. Whether it is a beautiful leather handbag, handmade French guipure lace frock from the 1950’s or a rare bottle of merlot sitting in someone’s cellar; true ‘Vintage’ equals excellence.

Fur Shrug

Tante Q Vintage Blue Jacket

Photography Credit ~ Steve Di Monte Of Change Your Life Photography

Tante Q Vintage