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Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday! This last few days have been busy with finalizing our Elegant Luxe Life Christmas gift guides that start on Monday November 7th, my own personal holiday planning and preparing for Halloween. Do make your child’s Halloween outfits, purchase from the store or a mixture of both? It’s all about princess dresses and tiaras in our house, with lots of glitter. My sewing machine has been getting quite a workout making a Cinderella ballgown for my daughter – who by the way is very exacting in the design of this costume (queue my eyeball rolling). How about Halloween treats and candy? I would love any recipes that you make for your family to celebrate, please comment below and I will be in touch. Many of my neighbours decorate the exterior of their homes very elaborately and have the full smoke machine set up, I must admit that our decorating is far more modest with only hand carved Jack-O-Lanterns.

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

Leonie xx

Country Living Halloween Candy Ideas

Snack Ideas From Country Living 

Hortus Ltd Ghostly Gowns HGTV

Photograph Credit – HGTV

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