The 5 Most Common Food Allergies

The 5 Most Common Food Allergies

It’s reported that the numbers of people with food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities are growing daily, these are the 5 most common.

  • Eggs – Found In Many Bakery Items, Pasta And Fried Foods.

  • Nuts – Found In Baked Goods, Asian Foods And Meat Substitutes.

  • Wheat – Found In Bread, Beer, Sauces And Seasonings.

  • Seafood – Found In Seaweed Wrappings, Sushi, Gelatin And Spreads.

  • Dairy – Found In Butter, Milk, Cheese And Yogurt.

What’s The Difference Between A Food Allergy, Intolerance Or Sensitivity?

A Food Allergy is an immune system response, a tiny amount of food can cause a huge reaction in the body. From hives and swelling, anaphylaxis – which can be life threatening, itching and gastrointestinal pain or complaints. Your doctor will send you to a specialist who will carry out numerous test to ascertain which foods you are allergic, and prescribe a treatment plan which would normally include antihistamines and epinephrine pen to carry with you at all times.

A Food Intolerance is when a one digestive enzyme is not present, this leads to issues with digesting the food. This normally gives gastrointestinal problems but it can also include hives, itching, brain fog and fatigue. Doctors recommend keeping a food diary to track your diet so the particular foods and the symptoms can be recognized. Once pin-pointed, the particular food should be avoided and if severe reactions start then a consultation with a specialist is the next step.

A Food Sensitivity is extremely hard to diagnose, typically it’s a reaction to a chemical or food colour and or additive. Brain fog, gastrointestinal symptoms and muscle aches can occur after eating the problem food. As with intolerances, doctors recommend keeping a food diary to track your diet. Eliminating as many processed foods and those with additives and chemical colours is best.

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