Upholstery Fabric Care Guide

Upholstery Fabric Care Guide

Just like your clothing, upholstery comes with a cleaning code. What they mean and what you can use to keep your furniture looking great. If you look on the tags on your sofa cushions, you’ll see either a W, S, WS, or X. These code letters tell you which cleaning products or solutions to use to safely clean the fabric without damaging it.

Here’s what the upholstery cleaning codes stand for:

W = Water based cleaning agent. Clean with a water-based product such as a little foam from mild detergent or non solvent upholstery shampoo. Use as little foam and water as possible to do the job; you don’t want to get the upholstery too wet.

S = Solvent. Clean with a mild water-free dry-cleaning solvent. Use just a little and make sure you have plenty of ventilation. Don’t put any water on it.

WS = Water-based cleaning agent or solvent. Depending on the stain, you can use a dry-cleaning solvent, the foam of a mild detergent, or upholstery shampoo.

X = Don’t clean it yourself. Hire a professional. You can, however, vacuum or brush off surface grime with a soft bristled brush.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you are unsure of what type of fabric is on your furniture then test in an inconspicuous area for colourfastness first.
  • If you are using a detergent (like laundry soap) make sure it doesn’t contain bleach!
  • For microfiber,velour and velvets use a soft bristled brush, even an old toothbrush works so you don’t crush the pile.
  • Do not over wet the fabric, use enough product to remove the stain, you don’t want to push the dirt into the foam underneath.

For more upholstery care tips and homemade cleaning solutions follow me on Pinterest and check out my board Keep It Clean.


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