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Some would think that Fall is the time of winding down and getting ready for Winter’s slumber…but in business, the change of seasons brings a new business cycle, one that is typically the busiest – ramping up for the end of year push for revenues and profit optimization, and planning for the year ahead.

This is a good time to review and tweak your plans for the last quarter of this calendar year, to push through and take bold, inspired action to meet – or even exceed the targets you set. It’s also a good time to review governance and risk management practices, to get your ducks in order before the year is over, so you can head into the next year organized and empowered.

Some Tips To Get You There

  • Take inventory – of your resources, plans, materials, products, offers, clients, vendors, money, skills. Then do some analysis – does anything need to be added or deleted or changed in anyway? Where are you making your highest returns? Where are you incurring losses or not so great returns? Where do you need to improve your skills?
  • Subscribe to the 3/3/3 rule for priorities (3 priorities for the month, 3 priorities for the week, 3 tasks for the day) – that you will set your focus on completing…and focus on these first.
  • Invest in networking and relationship. We are in a connection society – where most business decisions are being made based on relationships rather than dollars.

October is Small Business Month, and fittingly so. With the focus on small business, there is no shortage of activities for the small business owner this month – trade shows, conferences, training sessions, networking events – all providing opportunity for being seen and be heard…expanding your reach and getting new business. So be sure to check the calendar of events in your area and choose those events that align with your strategies for growth and development.

Are you on track for success? If you need to learn more about how to successfully manage your journey into the big leagues, then join the heavy hitters speaking and exhibiting the Small Business Summit. Visit me at my VisionSpire Business Consulting booth at the Small Business Summit this week on Thursday, October 20 in Caledon. Ask about how you can Step Into Your Power as CFO of Your Business and Fall in Love With Your Finances with the 8-Week CFO Money Mastery Jumpstart program! Even better, drop in your card to be entered to have your spot in the program paid with the sponsorship I’m giving away (draw to be held on Friday).

The CFIB says that 15% of Canadians are self-employed and that 1 in 3 people own or work in a small business enterprise. According to RBC Economics, SME’s employ 54% of payroll. You are driving the economy, you are hitting those balls out of the park and according to the BDC, SME’s planned to invest over $111 billion into our economy in 2016.

VisionSpire CFO Mastery Event

The Small Business Summit, Thursday Oct. 20 – Featuring global leaders, innovators and business builders including Bill Walsh (Powerteam International), Claudia Harvey (On The Verge), Dr. Lance Secretan (The Secretan Center) and a whole team of experts in a variety of fields, the Small Business Summit is the “World Series” of business events. Described as a “game-changer”, the world-series analogy is perfect because the theme of the Small Business Summit is to “Think Global/Source Local.”

Small Business Summit


Show Preview, Wed., Oct. 19 – 5:30pm-8:00pm
Featured Keynote Speaker Bill Walsh – 6:00pm
Small Business Summit, Oct. 20 8am to 6pm


Caledon Centre for Recreation and Wellness
14111 Highway 50
Bolton, ON L7E 2V2


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