5 Reasons To Purchase A Condo

5 Reasons To Purchase A Condo


Upkeep And Maintenance

A condo does not require the same type of upkeep as owning a house. There is no mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, repainting the house, or other maintenance associated with home ownership, it simply makes more sense to buy a condo. Many people simply do not have the time to maintain a home.


Think of a condo is an investment

, many people don’t want the upkeep associated with a house nor do they want to only rent. Renting can feel like ‘throwing your money away’ your rent helps your landlord buy a piece of real estate. If the time comes to move, it’s easier to keep your condo as an investment, you can ‘rent’ it out to a tenant while buying yourself another property to live in.


Condo buildings normally have 24 hour security, with front desk staff, while the car park is monitored by cameras and regularly patrolled by personnel. Elevator access is also restricted with the use of a key card or key fob for residents only and sign in required for visitors. Strangers cannot just wander in and around your building, hallways or corridors.


When you by a condo, you gain instant access to a pool and maybe a sauna, a gym and exercise room, barbecue area, rooftop deck and more. Because these areas are covered in your monthly condo fees, you don’t have to worry about the daily upkeep.


If you do not have a large circle of friends and you are wanting to socialize more, living in a condo gives you access in a community of people and may quickly provide you with a whole new group of friends through social events and daily interactions.

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