Gearing Up For Christmas – Less Chaos More Cheer!

Keep Calm And Get Ready For Christmas

5 Ways To Be Ready, Be Organized And Enjoy The Season

1 – START NOW – Write a complete list of ALL of the people you give gifts to whether you purchase or make them. Include coworkers, bus drivers, teachers, crossing guards, babysitters, neighbours, dog walkers, house-cleaners, delivery people, personal trainers, sports coaches etc. I jot down gift ideas (whenever I think of them) beside the person’s name. Once you realize how just how many gifts you need to buy or make* you’ll really want to start early! Keep the list with you at all times. Pick up gifts as you see them, write it down and cross it off the list. I also write down how much I spent so that I can keep a running total for my Christmas Budget. Ask children now for gift ideas – they’ll be more than happy to make you an ‘ideas list” no matter what the date!

*For those whom you make gifts for – now’s the time to buy supplies and get started!

2 – If you get a number of people to same gift cards (Tim Hortons, Starbucks etc.) you can pick those up next time you are in the store in a few denominations and have them ready to go. Pick up a few extra just in case you have forgotten someone – you can always use them yourself later if you have surplus.

3 – Check your supplies for holiday wrapping paper, tissue paper, boxes, gift bags, tape, tags, ribbon etc. holiday cards, and stamps. Write down what you need and pick it up as soon as you see it – the stores stock up earlier each year and you’ll have a good selection. You can wrap gifts as you get them so no one can peak if they find them in a closet also so you don’t have to spend an afternoon wrapping, unless you enjoy doing that… schedule that in #4

4 – December books up quickly. Print out or digitally create a master December Calendar of holiday events, family obligations, school concerts, and work parties, sports events etc. write them down as you find out about them so you know instantly if you are free when someone calls or asks. Keep it updated! Make sure to also schedule important fun holiday events as well such as driving or walking around to see the lights at night, watching favourite holiday movies on TV and Christmas baking.

5 – Put together a few outfits for last minute party and open house invitations. I try everything on and once I get an outfit put together I keep it all together on a hanger so it is at the ready – alternately I take a photo of it so I remember when I am in a hurry and trying to get out the door quickly.

*Pick up a case of wine or boxes of good chocolates to have on hand when people stop in or to give as host/hostess gifts so you don’t have to stop last minute and get in a huge lineup on a Friday night on the way.


“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” Edna Ferber

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