The Eyelash Perm

Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift

Many beauty treatments have come and gone over the years but amongst all the fads and short- lived crazes one particular service has not only stood the test of time but has grown in popularity. Eyelash Perming – also now known as Eyelash Lift, is one of my favourite treatments for so many reasons.

Firstly, I love the WOW factor that this simple and unassuming service gives. It turns short or straight looking lashes into amazingly long looking, fluttery lashes that last 6-8 weeks. I never get tired of seeing my clients reaction when they see just how long their own, natural lashes can look. Also unlike lash extensions, there is no needed for special care other than applying some daily lash conditioner and your lashes will naturally return to being straight after the 6-8 weeks… no regular infills needed to keep them looking good, no damaging glue used and best of all, no heavy lash extensions to damage your natural lash follicles.

There are a couple of lash perming systems gaining popularity at the moment, Eleebana One Shot Lash Perm by Belmacil is the brand I use in my salon. I like this one because it causes no or very minimal stinging during the process and the product itself comes in these little ‘one shot’ sachets which means each client gets a clean, fresh dose of product.

Another brand, Yumi Lashes claims to not be a ‘perm’ but a keratin lift for lashes with their formula being ‘top secret’… well, i’m not sure about that. I’ve been doing eyelash perming for 27 years and to me a perm is a perm… perhaps their top secret formula has something to hide… like a perm! But, I haven’t tried it so I’m just thinking out loud.

What I do find better these days is the actual rod or pad that is used to shape the lashes. For many years our only option was to use a cylindrical rod that could easily over curl the lashes if the operator didn’t know what they were doing. These days, we have silicon rods that have been specifically shaped to give the lashes that perfect upwards bend needed for achieving the longest looking lashes.

So if you like the sound of having longer looking, flirtier lashes but not sure about having lash extensions, give Eyelash Perming a go. It will look amazing – when done correctly, so chose an experienced technician- and will most probably become one of your favourite beauty treats too.

Eyelash Lift Treatment By Marina

Eyelash Lift Treatment By Marina

Eyelash Perm By Marina

Eyelash Perm By Marina

During The Procedure The Lashes Are Combed Back Onto A Perming Rod Or Silicon Pad To Create An Upward Lift

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