Tips To Staying On Track During Thanksgiving!

Carmen Shawn's Tips For Staying On Track During Thanksgiving


 Thanksgiving is a time of year to spend time with family and/or friends! Traditional Thanksgiving comes with Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie and lots of other goodies! Even the veggies are loaded with calories! Yes, enjoy the dinner! Don’t make yourself miserable by chomping on raw veggies while everyone else is enjoying their fav foods! Balance is key and crucial to maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle.Whether you have been regular at the gym or just getting started, either way, don’t let your results go down the drain just because of one day! Now keep in mind the Holidays start soon after this! December is right around the corner! As you know that is typically a month of social events and lots of eating! So getting a strong hold on what you do here will help create a positive momentum going into December!   Here are some helpful hints to stay on track over the holidays:
  1. Don’t over eat!!!! This is so easy to do! With appetizers, dinner and dessert, you will find yourself stuffed! Don’t eat just to eat! Just because there is food in front of you doesn’t mean you need to eat it! 90% of the time in these situations you munch because it is there. Save yourself for the foods you really really want!
  2. Offer to bring something and make it a healthy dish! This could be potatoes, dessert or a veggie!
  3. Eat a small snack before you go so you aren’t starving when you get there! Best thing would be some protein to maintain blood sugar levels. This way you won’t crave the sugar and you won’t overindulge.
  4. Keep the alcohol to a minimum! Some tips to reducing alcohol calories are drinking red wine with diet 7up or lemon lime soda. Don’t knock it until you try it! It allows you to have a couple drinks reducing your calorie intake. Make your own drinks! Soda water with vodka reduces calories dramatically if you control the amount of vodka going in!
  5. If you are right handed, keep your non-alcoholic beverage in that hand. You will be less likely to reach for food.
  6. Don’t stand near the food table! You won’t pick if you aren’t near it.
  7. For a sit down meal, put small portions on your plate and eat slowly. It takes a bit for your body to register it’s full. Eating slow allows you to stop from eating too much!
  8. If you are having guests to your place, send leftovers with others so you don’t have the bulk of the food in your fridge. Lighten up your recipes, they won’t know the difference!!!
  9. If you are trying to stay on track make sure your hostess/host knows. This way they will more than likely not bug you about eating or not eating. They may even add a little some healthy to their menu because they suddenly feel the need to stay healthy themselves!
  10. Get to the gym that day and the next! Burn off those extra calories! You will not only feel good about it but you will have a great workout!

The most important tip is don’t beat yourself up for enjoying yourself. If you stick to the tips above you should be proud of yourself! Guilt is the one thing that creates an unhealthy mind set with your health and fitness goals. Once you are done dinner that is that! Back on track with no guilt! Don’t keep eating junk because you feel like you messed up! Get past it and back on track.

Remain positive! The problem with overeating is it affects your mood and brings you down. Over eating makes you want to keep eating because it affects your insulin. Really keep to the plan and get back on track with healthy eating right after! Keep the blood flowing and the endorphins going! Exercise will keep you in an amazing mood and burn off those extra calories!

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