Autumn Alchemy

Autumn Alchemy

I am writing this article in the second last week of September. The sound of September is a tad too serious. October, even more. All while as I am looking outside, I am still greeted with post-summer weather. Whether, or not we want it, Autumn bring us, ‘back to reality.’ It urges us to get back to business – the business of life all around. Where has the time gone??? I don’t know.

No more shorts, flip flops and salty hair; at least for a while. Rather, we transition to long pants, cozy sweaters, warm drinks and school buses. We revisit quotas to be met, and projects to be completed by the end of the year. The lively, energetic, hot vibes of Summer quiet.

The Fall air comes in with a low, cool tones. It changes all of nature’s colours, rearranges our wardrobes, and we are met with almost a sense of loss. Instead of letting the ‘sense of loss,’ and endings be our filter through which we meet the turn of the seasons, and all that come with it, we can look at how much magic and wisdom there is, in life’s’ ‘wanting to ‘die’’ in preparation for its’ own renewal again in a couple of Seasons.

All that, by first letting what no longer is of use currently, release. Thus creating a nest for hibernation; preparation and no [outward] activity. Autumn renewal looks different from the one in the Spring. The work is internal. It turns deep inwards, beneath the physical, it slows down, it dies to itself; for now.

Life is preparing to rest and quiet for this phase. From buds and blooms, life turns inwards. As do we. We crave quiet, grounding, warmth, comfort and a need for connection. Deeper, more nourishing and comforting foods and experiences to warm us and keep us close, safe, protected, and renewing.

Autumn Alchemy F Scott Fitzgerald

As such, and with the turn of calendar months, life puts on a new outfit. Everything releases all that was taking forefront before, now heading into a state of nothingness. It almost feels like a loss, before we see all that remains, all that is gained. The shorter days, the greens turn into rich reds, browns and yellows. All that too, to eventually fall away, baring the leftovers of the abundant forms of life.

Before it all gets to the end of the roll, it is helpful to slow things down, by putting more meaning, and content into our moments, and days. Some things that can help us do just this, to renew, rediscover and create new life in the Autumn:

  • Calendar It

Re-list all your goals and prioritize them. Mark them all into your calendar so you know what to work towards, and what timeframe you may need for all of them. And with the holiday party season also soon beginning, make sure to put in every important event, parties etc. The ones you cannot or do not want to attend, ensure to send a note well in advance.

  • Care for You

The same way you organized the important events, include self-care time for renewal as well. Schedule workouts, yoga classes, a hike with a friend, curl up with great books, massages et. Prioritize whatever it is that keeps you feeling amazing and renewing at all times.

  • Have [GOOD] Expectations

Do you remember when you were a kid? All the uncensored, fun, childlike anticipation for good over and over again? What if you found yourself in that state more and more? Especially at times the world encourages you to be and do the opposite, the ‘adult stuff.’

  • Energy

Stay active daily. Work out, walk, get to the gym early, before work, or get out for a cool evening stroll to help yourself stay energetic, and not be so tempted to overindulge and let yourself hibernate as well. The more active and energetic you keep yourself the better and more well you will be during the cooler months, thus keeping you productive, feeling happier, even less stressed.

  • Supplement

With the change in nature, daylight etc. it is important to note our bodies will get less of the natural sunlight, basic nutrients readily available during the warmer months. I recommend getting some basic, whole-food based supplements and vitamins. I recommend taking a good multivitamin and mineral supplement, probiotics, omega 3, vitamin D, and B complex.

  • Stay Hydrated

As the weather becomes colder our bodies will require even more hydration. Start the day with lemon water. Squeeze half of an organic lemon into a cup of hot water and drink it first thing in the morning. Keep water bottles handy all day. Make sure to drink a cup of water within 30 minutes of meals. Soups, organic herbal teas are always a bonus.

  • Say YES to you; as much as possible
  • Say NO to what isn’t serving you; as much as possible.

Enjoy and embrace the richness of Autumn and share it best with those you enjoy life with the most.

Autumn Alchemy Let Things Go

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