My CHAIR AFFAIR With The Furniture Bank

Hope van Ravens Upcycled Chairs

“Furnished Homes Empowering Lives”

While doing research for a previous article I came upon a business that is after my own heart, The Furniture Bank located at 25 Connell Court, Etobicoke. Established in 1998 by Sister Anne Schenck I was flabbergasted that I hadn’t heard of them till now! Furniture Bank is a non-profit registered charity and social enterprise that collects gently used furniture and household items from the GTA and transfers them to families transitioning out of homelessness or displacement. Furniture has a profound impact on our ability to live a dignified and productive life which we often take for granted until you don’t have access to it. Furniture Bank helps those in need with making their space feel like home which ensures that they can live with dignity and stability with items the rest of us no longer want or use.

While checking out this fantastic charity I found out that they have a signature fundraising event called “CHAIR AFFAIR”. This annual event, now in their 6th year, consists of a live and silent auction on chairs selected from the Furniture Bank warehouse and redesigned by designers from all over the GTA. Previous designers have included Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman of Steven and Chris and Heidi Richter and Paul Lafrance of Decked Out. I could not pass up this opportunity to participate in such a wonderful cause and decided I’m going for it. How could I not!?! Repurposing, upcycling and of course upholstery is my passion and what better way to use my creativity and upholstery skills than to re-imagine (this years theme is IMAGINE) a chair that will help raise money for those in need. I met with the lovely Tammy who took me on a tour of their warehouse to select a chair from their current stock. I was overwhelmed with so much to choose from but as soon as I saw this chair I knew it was THE one! Now it’s time to knock loose one idea from the millions rattling around in my head and IMAGINE the finished look for this Eastlake rocking chair! If you would like to attend this years fundraising gala CHAIR AFFAIR Friday October 28th, 7pm at casalife 350 Evans Avenue Toronto tickets are available for purchase through the Furniture Bank’s website This will be a night to remember with celebrated comedian and author Jessica Holmes as the nights emcee along with fabulous food from some of Toronto’s finest restaurants and caterers and a host bar with a Scotch and Whiskey Tasting bar, DJ entertainment and possibly some surprises during the night! If you would like to donate but can’t make it to this event then please contact the Furniture Bank for more ways you can help. I am really excited to start working on my chair and really looking forward to this event but even more is that I am able to help raise money for such a wonderful organization by doing something that I love.

Helping people feels good!

Tickets can be purchased at and use my unique promo code ‘HOPE’ to get 10% OFF the ticket price. 




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