Laundering Your Pillow Slips

Laundering Your Pillowslips

How often should you launder your pillow slips? Most dermatologists advise at least once a week, but many skin care specialist recommend every two days. If your pillowslip isn’t changed regularly, a build-up of dirt, oil and already shed skin cells on the pillowslip fabric is transferred back to your skin. This bacteria can clog your pores causing blemishes, breakouts and constant irritated redness.

The way you clean your pillowslip matters, so remember these 3 things

  1. Launder your pillowslips in warm soapy water on an extended cycle – you need to be killing and eradicating any bacterial build up.
  2. Skip the fabric softener and the dryer sheets – softening agents contained in these products have been known to trigger acne.
  3. Dry outside in direct sunlight if at all possible – vitamin D is good for the skin.

Consider swapping to a silk pillowslip as they don’t absorb and trap oils in the way that cotton fabric pillowslips do. Stocking up on extra pillowslips is easy during the sales when many of the higher quality thread bed linens are heavily discounted.

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