Essential Oils To Maximize Our Health

Essential Oils To Maximize Our Health

The application of essential oils topically, combined with massage is simple to do (even you can do it) but very powerful in the healing process. Massage increases circulation and absorption, helps improve lymphatic flow and aids in the release of toxins. Using essential oils increases the results. The combination of oils and massage can also soothe nerve endings, relax muscles and relieve stress and tension in the body. You can relieve headaches by massaging your fingertips around the base of the neck and work upward using the appropriate essential oil. Relieve Neck and Shoulder tension by using circular movements up both sides of the vertebrae and use firm strokes from the shoulder to the neck to release shoulder tightness. Massaging your feet from the toes to the heel with your thumbs under the foot with fingers on top to reduce a magnitude of ailments using the proper essential oils.
NOTE: Massage is most effective when done with the flow of the body – and toward the heart, from hand to shoulder, foot to thigh, lower body moving upward.

Try Applying Essential Oils To Your

  • Neck – Marjoram Oil is excellent for muscle tension.
  • Forehead And Temples – Peppermint Oil is wonderful for headaches.
  • Arms And Legs – Oregano and Wintergreen can relieve aches and pains.
  • Bottoms Of Your Feet – Rubbing Tree Oil on the section of your soles just near your toes helps you focus.

 Massaging The Soles Of The Feet

Image Courtesy of doTerra

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