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Hello Everyone,

Oh My Heaven! What a week! Is anyone else feeling a little overwhelmed and a bit off balance? I thought it was just me but after a couple of conversations with some close friends, I know I’m not alone…. Last Friday’s harvest moon and the new season have the feeling of change in the air. I am already dreaming of next year’s trip to Australia, showing my Canadian brother-in-law and his lovely wife The Great Barrier Reef, but until then staring at an ocean inspired painting will have to do.

Tomorrow sees my family making the journey to Montreal by car. The temperatures will certainly be cooler, with high only being 17 degrees celsius during our stay, Fall weather is here! I am hoping to enjoy all Montreal has to offer with my daughter, it’s a work only trip for my husband, I will also be working during my time in Montreal but I’m looking forward to seeing the sights. Visiting the Notre-Dame Basilica is on the top of my list along with the Pointe-à-Callière Museum and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Would love to hear any suggestions that you might have…..places to eat and visit??

Congratulations to our contributor Michael Pallotta on the publishing and release of his children’s book ‘Celebrating Families’. This children’s picture rhyme book that features interactive colouring pages, a feel good toddler book that demonstrates happiness, diversity, well-being and bliss! A creative paperback provides any parent the opportunity to converse with their children about different types of families, showing children to love one another, be kind to each other and to “always be proud of who you are”. The appealing hand drawn illustrations are by talented artist Lewis James,  and is available for purchase amazon.com and amazon.ca

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx

Celebrating Families Michael Pallotta


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