How You Can Feel Lighter Than Ever In The Next 30 Days

How You Can Feel Lighter Than Ever In The Next 30 Days


Wait! Before you roll your eyes and think, “Please, not another diet!”  This article is not about dieting. It’s about the stuff in our lives. As I’m writing this note to you, I’m sitting at the desk in my office and looking around at my surroundings. The area looks light and uncluttered, and that’s the way I feel. But, it didn’t just happen; it took action on my part! You see, my mission at the cottage this last few month was to let go of all the stuff I’m not using anymore that’s just taking up space! In other words, I focused on freeing myself of the clutter around me. Now, I didn’t just organize the stuff I have. I got rid of it, which is a very powerful exercise. I’ll admit that some things were more difficult to let go of than others. For example, I left the two most challenging things to tackle—my books and pictures—for last. I got rid of close to 200 books? This included books I’d never even read. They were just accumulating dust. But I kept the ones that “spoke to me” or that I knew I’d read again or use as regular reference books. The rest are all gone and I feel lighter! What’s left are some photographs and pictures, so I’m not quite done in this department. But, my three sisters are coming to visit later this month, so I’m saving these last items so we can tackle them together and have fun at the same time.

Until I started decluttering my environment, I didn’t realize how much the stuff around me was affecting my life. But as I’ve cleared the clutter from my home, I’ve noticed that I’m more relaxed and peaceful. It makes sense because there’s a connection between our environment and our health—how we’re feeling. If we look around and see chaos and clutter, we’re probably feeling chaotic and overwhelmed inside, too. I’m convinced that clearing the clutter from our lives can have a huge impact on our energy and health. I’m sharing this experience with you because it’s taken me years to declutter every area of my life. And, every area of my life has improved as a result. So, think about the different areas of your life, like the following, that would benefit from decluttering:

• Health
• Relationships
• Family
• Business
• Finance

Have you ever felt stuck or simply overwhelmed with your life? Well, that happened to me. So, rather than continue on the path I was headed, I decided to stop and evaluate what was happening in my life. For one thing, I was running out of juice! I didn’t have enough energy to keep up with everything. My life was crazy. That’s when I decided that I needed to start dropping things from my life that were no longer bringing me joy. It’s been a three-year process for me, but I’m at the end of this phase now. Decluttering my life was transformational because it allowed me to make more room for the people and things that I love. I want to share some of the changes I’ve made that have made my life more joyful:

• I put God/creation first in my life.
• I pray and meditate every day.
• I spend more time alone.
• I use a gratitude journal.
• I use daily affirmations.
• I trust my intuition. 
• I refined my relationships.
• I reduced my commitments. 
• I let go of fear and my control issues. I now trust that everything will ultimately work out for the best, and I trust as I experience these life changes (this is one of the messages I often get from Doreen Virtue’s oracle card deck).
• I learned to say “no.” 
• I have more fun.
• I got rid of the clutter in my life.

Since making these changes, I’ve experienced a better quality of life—one that’s full of rewards, including the following:

• A more meaningful life with a true purpose
• Lots of fun and more joy
• Deeper relationships with the people that matter the most in my life
• More free time to do the things I love the most 
• Working with the most ideal and wonderful clients who are super excited to be working with me
• More financial freedom 

Here’s the trend I’ve been seeing with clients and the people around me: happier people tend to get the results they want while unhappy people, or those who are generally discontented, tend to get slower or no results. In other words, having a positive, “can do” attitude makes a world of difference when you’re trying to achieve results. Happy people have a positive outlook and tend to take responsibility for everything that happens in their lives. Believe me, that “can do” attitude is infectious! I think that’s why training and coaching with positive-minded people is so much fun. They show up with a winning attitude. They’re hungry to learn and hungry to apply themselves and to start improving their lives. People with that “can do” spirit are generally more adaptable and open to making changes in their lives. They’re the ones that have learned to declutter their lives. And, when they achieve positive results through my counseling and programs, or through anything in life, they’re happy to share their success with friends and family.

On the flip side of that coin are the people who are discontented with their lives. It’s my experience that discontented people tend to struggle more with life’s ups and downs. They often feel let down when they can’t achieve the results they want. I’ve had people with this negative tendency come to my door; they’re the same ones who came to me seven years ago with the same story. The problem is that they haven’t let go of their story! They’re still stuck in the past and haven’t fully committed themselves to the changes required to realize a better future. I’ve had discontented people come to me looking for answers, only to discover that I’ve been one of many in a long line of practitioners/healers who have tried to help them. Nothing seems to work because they believe that the answer lies somewhere outside of themselves.

I also need to speak for a moment about the supplements I see people trying to manage on top of everything else. Some people see me in the role of supplement project manager. Well, let me say that the more supplements you take, the harder they are to manage, not to mention the cost you’re incurring to take them. I think that’s one of the reasons people get discouraged. They’re spending a lot of money on supplements and not seeing results. Some may be juggling 50 to 100 different supplements, including super foods. Often times they’re taking them because they’ve heard from different online or offline “experts” that these products are the next best thing.

Well, what happened to relying on your own opinions? Many people now rely exclusively on outside sources or so-called “experts” to improve their health. But, remember that you are the expert! Nobody will ever take care of your body better than you! That’s why the ideal coach/practitioner or healer is the one who collaboratively works with you to help you awaken to your gifts and life’s mission so you can be the best version of yourself. My observations are not about judgment but about self-reflection and honesty about your life. Remember, I’ve been there.

So, here are some questions for you to consider: Are there areas of your life that could be improved? Do you think that decluttering your life would improve your situation or life path? Could you use more simplicity, more truth, more joy, more real stuff in your life?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then let me suggest that you start by letting go of the past. Then focus on clearing, cleaning, and decluttering your home and life. You can start big or small, but the important thing is to start. Make it happen! And, when all is done, don’t be surprised if your world begins to rock!

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