How To Build Your Wardrobe Around Denim

Mint Boutique How To Build Your Wardrobe Around Denim

Denim has long been a staple in every wardrobe, you can plan every outfit around a good pair of jeans. Choosing the right pair of jeans can be tough and shopping for jeans can be even harder. We have rounded up three pairs of jeans that we think every wardrobe can be built around. We have also included some denim-buying tips and a how-to when it comes to caring for your favourite jeans.

The first must have pair of jeans is the basic skinny in a dark wash. If you’ve never worn skinnies they can take a little bit of getting used to but we promise it’s worth it. A good skinny is flattering on every body type and can be paired with virtually anything. You can pair skinnies with a nice camisole and heels for a dinner out. You can toss on a blazer for casual fridays or pair them with a t-shirt and sneakers for errand running on the weekend. Like we said, a must have.

Mint Boutique Second Skin Skinny Jean
The second pair of jeans that you should have in your closet is a classic black denim. We are seeing a definite comeback when it comes to flare jeans so our recommendation for black denim is a baby flare. Black denim elevates any look by virtue of the clean and classic colour. The flare or baby flare will give your outfit an immediate fashion-forward spin. We think pairing flares with looser tops creates a balanced silhouette.
Note: if you are not a fan of flare denim, go with a black boot cut instead.

Mint Boutique Kendra Baby Boot

The third pair of jeans every wardrobe should have is a fun-fashion pair. Recently boyfriend jeans have been filling that gap in most closets, this season (and many to come) we foresee the cropped raw hem being the fun-fashion go-to. The jeans that we chose are a mix of the two. They are not a super fitted denim and have a beautiful raw edge hem. The cropped cut pairs perfectly with a boot to take you through fall.

Mint Boutique The Cropped Relaxed In Cloud
Tips For Denim-Buying

• Make sure to ask questions about the brand and how it wears. In our experience 7 For All Mankind and Joe’s denim both stretch out pretty significantly, so most people will buy a size down. You don’t want your brand new pair of jeans stretching out and looking sloppy.
• Make sure you are buying the right rise for your body type. If you are pear shaped then a higher rise will be more flattering on you, it will also fit and wear better. If you are on the shorter side then you should lean towards a mid-rise to balance out your proportions.
• When shopping for jeans you should walk around in them and see how they move with you. If you find that they are falling down or gaping at the back then you might want to try a bit of a higher rise. Make sure to sit down and see if they are comfortable in the thigh and waist.

Caring For Your Jeans

• When it come to your favorite denim you want to wash them as little as possible and do NOT under any circumstance put them in the dryer. The heat will break down the elasticity in your denim and create ‘fault lines’. Stretch marks in your denim basically. If not washing your jeans is just not something you can do then toss them in a cold water load and hang to dry.
• If you want to freshen up your jeans a great go to trick is to put them in the freezer. This will kill any bacteria along with any scent.
• If you just purchased a new dark pair of denim sometimes the dye can rub off on your hands or purse, soak them in water and vinegar for a bit to set the dye.

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