5 Benefits Of Drinking Oxygen Water


I made the decision to start drinking Oxygen Water several times a week a couple of months after a health crisis, that so far, no doctor can diagnose correctly. I’m suffering from severe pain down my entire right side and muscle ache that will actually wake me from a sound sleep with the throbbing. Fatigue and skin petechia seem to also be a symptoms of this still ‘nameless’ illness. The twice weekly Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is definitely helping to relieve my pain, after my sessions I no longer need to take either Tylenol or Advil for pain management. Wanting to detoxify my body and be as close to Alkaline as possible, I chose to start consuming Oxygen Water. Proper water intake is absolutely essential for hydrating and effectively ridding toxic substances from our bodies as they are eliminated quickly through our skin and urine cycles.

  • In numerous scientific studies it shown that Ozonated water can kill bacteria and viruses, killing E. coli, yeast, salmonella and listeria. The Ozone breaks apart creating a single oxygen cell, adding extra oxygen to our bloodstream for the elimination of any impurities.
  • Increased oxygen levels in our brain heightens it’s function and single oxygen cells introduced into our immune system makes it stronger, more robust and enhances it’s capability to fight infections effectively.
  • Regularly drinking cold ozone water on an empty stomach can detoxify your intestinal tract while washing and or soaking your food – fruit, vegetables and meats in Ozonated removes impurities.
  • Drinking Ozonated water creates higher energy levels as extra oxygen is released into our bodies, Ozonated water can be used to treat muscle aches, pains and fatigue.
  • Studies have shown that drinking Ozonated water hastens the process of converting wastes and toxins to water and carbon dioxide, which are then released from our bodies normally.