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Hello Everyone,

How was your week? Isn’t it starting to feel like Fall because of the cooler morning temperatures and that light sneaky breeze?? This week has been busy in the studio preparing for 2 new monthly contributors coming onboard, Dini from Dini & Co and Carol from Kalola Botanicals, their first posts live next Thursday. By now, I am sure that everyone has noticed that I am very partial to blue and white china, actually I am ‘closet’ blue and white china collector but please don’t tell my husband……. I subscribe to Linda Spencer of VisionSpire’s weekly Monday’s Spark , I thought this week’s spark was a good reminder that mistakes are good, they allow us to grow and challenge our thinking. I have included the spark in it’s entirety below.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx

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Failing Is Part Of Growing

Failing Is Part Of Growing

Both my sons are into BMX racing. My oldest one just started a month ago, while his younger brother is into his third year. My oldest, D, held back from trying it out because of his fear of failing, of falling or crashing, of not doing well. It’s what’s held him back from trying a lot of things. When he would tell me this, I would say to him a) How do you know if you don’t even try? and b) You grow and get good at something by doing and practicing.

When D finally said yes to BMX racing this year, watching him, I could tell he was holding back, not giving it his all. His “reason” was “I’m afraid of someone bumping into me and crashing”. Well, in BMX, it’s not a matter of IF you’ll fall, it’s a matter of WHEN (same is true in so many areas of life).

I told him to practice more. He has really long legs and great sprinting speed, so he just needed to continue that through the whole 1 km race. If he pushed himself outside of the comfortable spot behind the pack, to get ahead of them, he’d win. Well, he’s been practicing as much as possible, and at Sunday’s race he did exactly that – pushed himself to go faster and stay ahead, resulting in a 1st place trophy! He was so excited and proud (he said “Mom, I really felt like I was faster today.”). It was a great accomplishment, and now he’s had a taste of what’s possible, he wants to practice even more, and get to every race.

If you are only living inside your comfort zone, you may not make any mistakes…but you also won’t grow.

In order to experience cathartic, joyful breakthroughs and become a true benefit to the world and people around you, you have to make some mistakes. These mistakes are bound to be frustrating and painful, and they will inevitably become your greatest teachers.

So go against the grain, and take on new problems and challenges with excitement and a positive expectation. Over time, fall after fall, mistake after mistake, you will get really good at finding solutions to problems and foreseeing new opportunities.

What BIGGER problems can YOU take on TODAY?
Written By Linda J. Spencer, CPA, CA, Money Mindset and Business Coach
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