My 5 Favourite Yoga Poses

At some point in my day I do these poses once or many times. If you peeked in the windows at my house you might think I’m crazy as I’m often in some sort of pose, maybe just picking up toys in the playroom or waiting for a pot of water to boil. It’s easy to incorporate a pose here and there into your daily life. It is often important to warm up but once you do these often they are much easier and trust me you will feel looser and lighter throughout the day. I have included¬†a small description of why I love them so much.

Half Moon Pose

I love this pose because I feel a stretch and a pull in all areas of my body. It wakes me up and floods my brain with blood – perfect for anytime of the day you need a pick me up. I reach my arms and legs in all directions and flex my foot in and out to loosen up my ankles. For an added stretch I often grab my foot in the air with the hand in the air for a bound half moon.


Triangle Pose

I often go right from half moon into this pose as I’m already half way there. Just put your back foot down, and put the hand that was on the floor on your shin or ankle. I love this pose because it lengthens my side waist and also gives a great stretch in my inner hamstring of the straight leg.


Dancer Pose

This pose is sort of like half moon in the stretching in all directions way, but it works a bit more on balance. I love how this pose pulls on my shoulder and hip flexor. Oh and I also like to feel like I am a dancer, like one of those ballerinas on a jewelry box.


Pigeon Pose

A great pose to do while watching tv, I love just sitting on my living room in this pose. If you drive a lot (I sure do) then your hip flexor will get tight and pigeon is a major hip loosener. I change it up and pull my back foot up for a quad stretch and twist. Some days I’m in this pose for 10 minutes a side while my son is playing around me.

Forward Fold Pose

This is a pose that feels so good on tight hamstrings and is also so great for getting the blood rushing to your brain. I do this the traditional way but change it up and also put one hand on the floor right in the middle spot between my feet, then I reach the other hand up in the air, look at the ceiling and twist.

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