Essential Oils At Home ~ Oregano

Pink Flowers Of Wild Oregano

Flowering Oregano ‘Origanum-Vulgare’

Oregano oil is derived from the leaves and flowers of Oregano – Origanum Vulgare. Ancient Greeks and Romans have a well known love of Oregano, using it for various medicinal purposes. There are over 40 oregano species, but buyer beware that many of the Oregano oils sold in your regular grocery stores aren’t made from Origanum Vulgare, and probably have little to no therapeutic value.

Many studies that prove Oregano oil is a powerful tool against the harmful organisms that lead to infections, Oregano oil has such a strong action against germs that it may fight off Salmonella and E. Coli bacteria.

Oregano oil is loaded magnesium, zinc and vitamins C and E while being high in iron, calcium, potassium copper, manganese, and niacin. Oregano oil can also stimulate the flow of bile into your digestive organs which enhances your digestive processes while also having a huge amount of antioxidants that can fight off aging.

Try mixing 50/50 of organic Oregano oil and organic olive oil and the rub on sore muscles, sports injuries and backaches to relieve pain. While not being a cure for the common cold,  Oregano oil can help boost your immune system.

Oil of Oregano is a natural insect repellent as it contains many compounds such as carvacrol. This compound is also found in mint and thyme. Try rubbing a dilution of Oregano oil to your skin when heading outdoors to ward off pesky mosquitoes.

Oregano oil is an absolute must-have item for your medicine cabinet and remember, quality matters. When purchasing an Oregano oil product, ensure that’s in organic liquid form and contains at least 80% carvacrol content, carvacrol is the main ingredient in Oregano oil. Oregano oil in it’s pure form is very strong, it should only be used when diluted, try one part Oregano oil to three parts carrier oil.

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