5 Tips To Sell Your Condo Fast And For More Money

5 Tips To Sell Your Condo Fast

Make your condo feel like new, there are so many simple relatively inexpensive updates that can really make your space feel fresh to prospective buyers and make your property memorable.

  • Consider painting your condo, it is an investment but spending a few hundred or thousand can easily be recouped in your sale price. Buyers sometimes can’t visualize the space or what to do it, painting also helps depersonalize your home and plenty of buyers tend to want move in ready.
  • One of the best things you can do when selling your condo is free – declutter! Nothing says ‘this condo is too small’ like clutter does. Use this as an opportunity to make money and sell the pieces you’re not using or donate and receive a tax deduction. Organizing is also free and it gives the illusion of more space which what many buyers are looking for.
  • Think about replacing dated or builder’s grade lighting with a few upgraded  fixtures, you will add value to your property which far outweighs your small investment.
  • Deep clean any carpets. Many buyers worry about the expense of replacing carpets when all they need is a professional cleaning. If cleaning doesn’t remove any staining or marks then seriously consider replacing the carpets, shop around get 3 quotes. Go for neutral, up-to-date modern colours – bright colours and thick pile carpets are out dated.
  • Make sure to add flowers or plants for realtor photos and your showings. Flowers make spaces feel lived in, don’t forget about your planters and balcony space. Don’t use chemical air fresheners instead try a soft scented candle which you blow out just before you leave.

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