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Hello Everyone,

How was your long weekend? Did you have a stay-cation at home or did you head away for some rest and relaxation? As I mentioned last Friday, my family were driving to Blue Mountain for a few days, we were ended up spending a gorgeous afternoon on a friend’s boat soaking up the sun on Georgian Bay. One of goals for this summer was to plant more lavender in our back garden and lavender ‘look-a-like’ shrubs which is actually Russian Sage in the front garden, I will be sad to see the last of the blooms as the weather gets cooler. And, goal accomplished, my garden is going to look amazing next summer!! So, school has started again here for the year – a time of new beginnings especially for the youngest as they embark on formalized education and schooling sometimes for the first time. This was my daughter first week of attending Montessori, challenging would be an understatement, apparently being at home is far more exciting, fun and super cool (my daughter words) than I thought.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx


The Shoreline Of Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay

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