4 Tips For Packing Light

Retro woman with a suitcase ready to travel

Planning Ahead 

I plan out every outfit ahead before it goes into my suitcase, ensuring that each item can be worn with 2 others to make other outfits and can do double duty meaning day and nighttime wears. It does take me longer to pack but it eliminates packing unnecessary items that I won’t need.

Shoe, Lingerie And Laundry Bags 

I’ve used these forever, who wants the bottoms of their dirty shoes touching their underwear and white jeans. I always separate my shoes, undergarments and dirty laundry into separate bags. This is also wise if you have to open your suitcase – carry-on or checked, in front of others in the airport – does Mr and Mrs …… really need to know what colour brasseries you like??


I love opening a brand new book, the cracking of the spine and feel of the pages under my fingers BUT when I travel it’s all about my iPad. It’s lighter, easier and I can download 6-7 books for my long haul trip to Australia to read. There is no way I can carry 6-7 books with onboard and to check some in my checked luggage??, most times I don’t even have a checked bag if I’m only going for 3 days. An electronic reader is perfect for travel and I read the “real” books at home.

The Suitcase 

Purchase the lightest, highest quality, carry-on and checked luggage that you can afford. I always go with Samsonite and always a 4 wheel spinner. The two-wheeled rolling luggage is a nightmare, 4 wheels is a must,  you want your bags to glide along without putting any strain on your upper body. There are lots of choices for carry-on bags but as I said before, buy the lightest, all the airlines have restrictions on weight these days. You don’t want your bag to weight the same amount as your clothes that you want to pack!

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