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Hello Everyone,

This week my family spent time in Ottawa for 3 days, my husband for business and the chance for me to have some time with our contributor Renshi Laura Sywyk. Don’t miss this coming Tuesday’s post and see the photos of my time with Renshi Laura at the East Wind Budo Life Centre. Last Sunday, saw my husband and I demolishing the small dividing wall in between our kitchen and breakfast room down to a single post!! It was messy and dusty, there is still a large hole in my ceiling and the floor needs to be repaired but the extra light is wonderful. I even remembered to snap some ‘before’ photographs so when we are ‘done’ I will post the shots. With a weekend of warm weather ahead, I am looking forward to hopefully relaxing with friends for a few hours on Saturday afternoon while enjoying these Rosé ice cube infused cocktails. The end of summer sales have started and not just the chain stores, there are lots of small shops having sales as well like my friend Renée at Mayflower Mateys – all handmade by Renée in Nova Scotia Canada.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx

Sunrise In Ottawa

Sunrise In Ottawa





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