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Hello Everyone,

How was your week? One of things on My Summer To Do List  was 4 Tech Free Weekends, with Summer almost at an end I realized that there had only been 1 weekend out this whole summer that was “Tech Free” so far. My 2nd attempt was this last weekend, it went okay till I realized that I wanted to download coupons on my phone to use at my local Micheals Craft store for a DIY project and I needed to text my friend Amanda Denton of Flashy Fish about some shipping details. I totally want one of their new sweatshirts ‘Vacuuming Makes Me Happy’ I just love it because it so completely true for me. These shirts are on pre-order so head over to Flashy Fish’s Instagram page to order. Honestly, the “Tech Free” was a fail but I am going to try again this weekend….. I think. With only 2 weeks till the start of the new school year and my daughter’s first days of Montessori almost here, I am filled with a little sadness. How did she grow up so fast and where have the years gone??, but those feeling are tempered with her extreme excitement to attend her “school” even if it is only for 2 days a week. Some ‘ready for school’ shopping will be a necessity this Saturday along with some splash pad time and hopefully some backyard dining while entertaining friends. Mentioning that summer is coming to an end also reminds me it the end of blueberries and cherry season in Canada, blueberries are a staple in our diet especially during the warm weather months. In case you missed it, Nana Pat posted a fantastic recipe for Blueberry Squares using Northern Ontario’s small blueberries back in June, it tastes ammmaazzing!!

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx


Nana Pat’s Blueberry Squares


Flashy Fish’s New Sweatshirt

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