My Visit To Heirloom 142


The last time we went to Blue Mountain, I was searching online for antique and vintages stores in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain area……. to be honest I am always searching for antique and vintages stores, no matter where I travel to, despite my husband’s distress and comments of ‘Really?’, ‘Another one?’, ‘What can you be looking for now?’ and ‘Where on earth are you going to put that?’ I just love antiques and vintage, 50 % of the furnishings in our house are antiques or refinished vintage things that I have purchased over many years. No, moving from one side of the world to the other (Australia to Canada) didn’t really make difference – that’s what shippers are for! Heirloom 142 in nearby Creemore came up in my search, the online reviews were great and I hadn’t been to Creemore before so 30 minutes we were parking in the main street of downtown Creemore. We had a wonderful couple of hours strolling around looking in the shops, I was blessed to visit Heirloom 142 when both the owners Laurie and her husband Pierre were keeping shop that Sunday. Laurie and Pierre before opening Heirloom 142 lived in Europe and had a store in France, where they source a lot of their items for the store, here in Creemore even now. I just adored Heirloom 142, it’s a wonderful mix of vintage pieces with history and their own story, antiques and a selection of paint to refinish your own pieces. Brand new items like custom made rugs, draw pulls, fragrant soaps and candles also find their place next to vintage French pewter tankards and milk jugs with antique linens. I came away with a couple of purchases including a pot of Fusion Mineral Based Furniture Paint, in Lamp White, to try on my next project. I think the next long weekend in September will find me making a return visit.










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