Ideas To Make Your Rooms Appear Larger


Leaving A Smaller Footprint

Furniture pieces with feet so you can see the floorspace or rug underneath versus fabric to the floor makes a huge difference. Try pulling your furniture away from the walls it can give the illusion of extra space.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Always add a mirror, mirrors instantly make rooms look larger as it reflects all the light and space.


And Then There Was Light  

Light always makes a small room feel larger, have light flowing from windows and be sure to add light fixtures for ambient, task and accent lighting.


Paint Can Work Miracles

Painting your walls a light colour and in eggshell or even satin finish depending on the room but never flat! A little sheen reflects the light around the room.


The Ceiling

Be sure to draw the eyes to the ceiling with ceiling details or a rose around the light fixtures. Hanging your curtains higher almost at the crown moulding will create the illusion of higher ceilings.

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