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Hello Everyone,

Firstly I want to congratulate Sarah Jagger of Domestics Objects,we featured Sarah and her amazing teepees in July, on the release of her new children’s book “The Play Tent Of Imagination”. How warm was the temperature this week in Toronto? I should say hot! Anything over 30 degrees celsius is hot in my opinion. We are sadly coming to the end of strawberry season here in Canada, I have always loved strawberries, my grandfather used to grow them in his rambling back garden and it was a summer ritual every time I visited to pick all the ripe fruit and wash off any dirt under the garden hose before taking the filled basket inside to my grandmother. Sadly I don’t seem to possess my Pop’s green thumb and knack of being able to abundantly grow any fruit or vegetable his heart desired. So my local farmers market will have to do….. I would love to hear from anyone growing fruit or vegetables in their own garden or tending a plot collectively on community land.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx

P/S Thank you for constant stream of caring emails asking after my health, the natural healing sessions twice a week are definitely helping and I have started to drink Ozone Water after every treatment but more on that next week…..


The Play Tent of Imagination is a delightful story of two siblings using their ever expanding imaginations to explore the world and beyond in their play tent, meeting new friends, seeing new places all while making it home in time for dinner.  The Play Tent of Imagination is available for Pre-Order.


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