Buying A Condo And Want A Large Balcony Or Terrace Space?


You want to buy a condo and one of your “Must Have’s” is a large balcony or terrace so you can have more outdoor living space and room for entertaining guests, always consider these 5 things…..

  • Barbecues And Grills

Confirm the rules and regulations of the building, are you able to have your own grill on your balcony or do you have to use the communal facilities?

  • Decorating

Are you a gardener? Do you like have plants or tend to a potted garden on your terrace? Are you able to paint the balcony floor surface or install a floating floor? What are the policies on furnishing your terrace and creating your own garden space.

  • Balcony Outlook

Do you face into the morning or afternoon sun? Consider the time of day that you want to entertain on your balcony. Does your balcony need extra shade during that time? Are umbrellas permitted?

  • Floor Height

Remember that on higher floors, you will feel more breeze /wind gusts while outside on your balcony. Does your furniture have to be secured to the floor?

  • Cleaning And Maintenance

It is easy to clean? Ask about the building maintenance schedule, does the building clean the balconies and terraces regularly or is it a home owner responsibility.


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