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Healthy hair is one of the most attractive features on a person. Every one of us wants beautiful hair so here are some food tips to follow regularly for Healthy hair. Very first thing for gorgeous hair is to eat, sleep and exercise daily. All these factors are essential for beautiful hair. Follow the tips below to improve your health which in turn will improve your hair.

  1. Have dark green vegetables into your diet because green leaves like spinach, broccoli and others have plenty of vitamins and other nutrients in them which are required by your body to produce sebum (the oily substance that acts as a natural hair conditioner). They also supply iron and calcium to your body which reduce breakage of hair.
  1. Seafood is also essential to ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer from any deficiency. Fish gives sulphur and fatty acids required for skin and healthy hair. Shrimp, mussels and oysters have an enormous amount of zinc which is required for hair growth.
  1. Those who want thick hair eat nuts and dry fruits regularly. The best ones are brazil nuts which supply important mineral called selenium to your hair. Walnuts conditions your hair as it contain alpha linolenic acid while cashews, pecans and almonds are a terrific source of zinc which prevents from hair shedding.
  1. Silica is must to prevent hair loss and it is present in bean sprouts, peppers and cucumbers. Vegetarians should definitely try the low fat cottage cheese during lunch or breakfast for a glossy and shiny effect on the hair.
  1. Non Vegetarians can try chicken and turkey, these are the vital providers of high quality protein. Protein deficiency can result in loss of colour in the hair which leaves it looking dull and distressed.



Having proper diet will make your hair healthy. As well as your skin! Apart from the above it is very important to take the following steps for healthy hair.

The following are some basic hair care tips that you can use to improve the health and look of your hair.

  • A healthy lifestyle will mean healthier hair for you. Excessive stress, smoking, not exercising and not eating nutritiously are not healthy for your hair.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Avoid using hair styling products with alcohol which dries out hair. Also to help avoid increasing free floating estrogen, use paraben free products.
  • Avoid putting hair styling products directly on your scalp; if you put it on your scalp you’ll clog the pores on your head.
  • Before entering a pool, wet your hair so your hair will soak up the initial water instead of the chlorinated water.
  • When swimming where a cap to protect your hair from chlorinated water, if you choose not to wear a cap make sure you shampoo and condition your hair right after you are done swimming.
  • Hot air can be damaging to your hair so when using a hair dryer use the cool setting.
  • Don’t leave the blow dryer in one spot for more than a few seconds, keep it moving and at a good distance away from your hair.
  • To speed up the drying process, pat your hair dry with a towel and let the remaining moisture in your hair dry naturally.
  • Gently use your fingers or a pick to untangle any knots while your hair is drying.
  • Use a brush whose bristles are made from natural animal hairs, it is softer and more flexible which means less damage will be done to your hair.
  • Hair is most fragile when it is wet so avoid brushing or combing when it’s wet, or else it will cause breakage, wait until your hair is almost completely dry before brushing it.
  • Use brushes/combs with widely spaced bristles/teeth and smooth tips. Sharp tooth combs can damage your hair, cause split ends, and scratch your scalp.
  • To keep your brushes and combs clean, wash them weekly using soap or shampoo.
  • Comb your hair to remove any tangles before brushing it.
  • Buy shampoos and conditioners that match your hair type, trial and error is the best way to find out what specific hair product is best for your hair.
  • Shower with warm water, hot water can dry and/or irritate the scalp.
  • It is important to wash your hair, shampooing removes dirt, dead skin cells, hair oils, any hair products you may put into your hair.
  • When shampooing, rinse your hair out before applying any shampoo to remove any dust, dirt, and any other foreign items, then apply the shampoo onto your scalp and massage it gently with your finger tips and work your way outwards. After you are done make sure that you thoroughly rinse out your hair to remove any shampoo residue that may be left. Shampoo residue may dry your scalp/hair and or attract dirt. It is recommended that you only lather once to avoid drying your hair out, if you have oily hair, lathering again may stimulate your oil glands to create even more oil than normal.
  • You should wash your hair as often as you feel necessary to keep it clean, but a general rule is for oily hair you should wash it every day or every other day and for dry hair only wash it 2-3 times a week.
  • Try rotating the shampoo and conditioner periodically, your hair responds differently to different products.
  • Use a conditioner after shampooing, it’ll moisturize your hair, give it extra protection, add shine, reduce static, and makes it easier to untangle.
  • Put the conditioner in at about an inch away from the scalp, the roots of your hair contain the most oils and usually don’t need the extra conditioning.
  • Be gentle when shampooing and conditioning, don’t use excessive force rubbing your hair, remember hair is most venerable when wet.
  • Once every couple of weeks use coconut oil on your hair. Spread through your hair evenly then place a warm towel on your head and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash out with shampoo and conditioner.

Health is not always just about food and exercise. It is also how you treat your body. It starts internally but you also need to care for your skin, hair and nails externally. Small things can make a big difference in your external health!


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