Show Me The Money 4 Day Challenge


Last week, I participated in Linda Spencer of VisionSpire’s ‘Show Me The Money 4 Day Challenge’ and I loved it!!  Each of the 4 mornings started off with an email in my inbox with the link to the new challenge for the day. Each new challenged was given to us in a video format with Linda orally guiding us through the challenge with encouraging words and a smiling face full of enthusiasm. Linda also has a private Facebook group, many of members posted comments and stories of their own experience with each day’s new challenge. Thanks to Linda, I have developed a new way of looking at ‘Money’ and created a positive shift in my thinking.

This Is A Small Snapshot Of Part Of The Challenges That Linda Created For Us Over The 4 Days

Monday – Day 1: Clearing Up With People Who Owe You Money

Today is all about bringing in cash that’s already yours – clearing up with people who owe you money. Those money conversations can be tough, but they don’t have to be….

Tuesday – Day 2: Clearing Up With Your Bills

The challenge for today is about clearing up with YOUR bills. Some people are great at keeping on top of their bills and paying them on time or even immediately when they receive them. But other people may let their bills pile up and in some cases not even open the mail (for any number of reasons).

Wednesday – Day 3: Organizing Your Finances

The challenge for Day 3 is to get up close and personal with your financial records. Yes, financial organization CAN be daunting, especially if you’ve let it pile up…

Thursday – Day 4: Turn Clutter Into Cash

The challenge for Day 4 is to take inventory of the things you have that no longer serve you and SELL IT! Turn them into cash right away….your space and your wallet will love you for it!

I have just signed up for VisionSpire Insights and Monday Morning Spark, I can’t wait to get started…….

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