Sustainability    Pronounced [suh-stey-nuh-bil-i-tee]    Noun

  •  The Ability To Be Sustained, Supported, Upheld, Or Confined

  • Environmental Science – The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance

Last month on June 15thI had the opportunity to “show” my recycled designs “and tell” about my upholstery business at the Town of Halton Hills first ever Fair portion of their annual spring Sustainability BBQ at the Civic Centre. This Fair was created for the Town’s employees and any of their family members to showcase any sustainable hobbies or businesses they may have. So when my husband mentioned if I would like to participate as what I do couldn’t be more perfect for this event I couldn’t turn it down! This was a great opportunity for me to not only get out of the house for a couple of hours but learn more about the Town of Halton Hills’ sustainability efforts, enjoy a lovely BBQ, meet my husbands coworkers (whom I can now put faces to their names) and of course talk about the benefits of upholstery and recycling/repurposing/upcycling used furniture.

The Staff Sustainability Team at the Town of Halton Hills is comprised of about 15 staff members who work together to promote efficiency and sustainability in the workplace. They have created and promoted several initiatives such as:

  • Earth Day garbage cleanups around town where staff go out in teams to collect litter along town streets, walkways and sidewalks
  • Waste audits to determine how much refuse is leaving the Civic Center building as recyclables, organics and garbage
  • Smart commute events to encourage people to either carpool, bike or walk to and from work
  • Created and maintain a vegetable demonstration garden where all the produce grown is donated to local food banks in Acton and Georgetown and many more as well as the fruit from the apple trees on the property
  • Installation of rain barrels to reduce the cost of watering the gardens were installed last growing season

To learn more about the Town of Halton Hills efforts check out their Demonstration Garden Facebook Blog on as well as their Town Of Halton Hills Facebook page OR contact the Town Of Halton Hills with any sustainability initiatives or questions you may have.

How we can bring sustainability into our lives as individuals, families, groups, teams, organizations and small businesses. Implementing even one of these changes can make a significant impact on lowering our overall environmental footprint.

  • SIMPLIFY – Edit your belongings. Understand your true wants and needs.
  • REFUSE – Refuse single-use disposable items. That’s anything you use once and throw away.
  • BRING YOUR OWN – Have durable reuseables to keep single-use plastics away. Items like bags, mugs, water bottles and containers work well.
  • BUY BETTER & REPAIR – Buy less, buy better and seek multifunctional, repairable and lasting products.
  • RECYCLE WELL – Recycling is good but it’s not the solution. Reduce the amount you recycle by reducing the amount you consume.
  • WATER CONSERVATION – Use rain barrels to water your gardens and flowers. Don’t leave taps running while brushing your teeth. Take shorter showers or install shut off valve in your shower head so you can turn the water off and on as you need it.
  • HYDRO CONSERVATION – Turn off lights and other electronics when not in use. Unplug items not used on a regular basis from wall outlets to reduce phantom power loss.
  • USE YOUR VOICE – In this digital age and with social media you can use your voice to express to manufacturers, companies and businesses on how you want their products designed (less packaging and eco friendly materials) and recovered (end of life recycling).
  • SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY – Get to know your community! Shop local, start or participate in community clean ups, walk, bike, use the bus, transit or carpool.

Sustainability starts with you, create the change, be the change!



My Booth At The Town Of Halton Hills Sustainability Fair


Town Of Halton Hills Civic Centre Demonstration Garden


Town Of Halton Hills Civic Centre Demonstration Garden

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