Beauty In A Flash


Beauty In a Flash: Canada’s Newest Trend For Makeup And Hair Application

Recently I have discovered an amazing new app that brings a makeup artist right to your door! It’s like Uber but for artists. This new app that launched in June is called Pretty Bird App; it’s the newest way to find a makeup artist or a hair stylist for your big event. It’s super simple to use as well!!

The great thing about it is all of the artists on the sight have gone through a vetting process to make sure they are the best of the best. Every artist on the site has some sort of training and certificates to prove there the real deal. The founder of the app Mary is absolutely amazing and super helpful if you have any questions about her app!

It’s so easy to get started as well! All you do is go to your app store (apple or android) and download the pretty bird app. Now you need to make sure you have the regular Pretty Bird App not the Pretty Bird Artist app there are two. When you get the app make yourself a profile, you can use my referral code D782F6FB5F30, to get yourself signed up.

Once you are all signed up all you do is log into the app, choose if you would like to “get pretty fast” where and artist will be at your door within the hour or “get pretty later” where you can set a date that you need makeup, hair or both. The fees are set accordingly based on type of makeup, hair style etc. the fees are very reasonable and the work is amazing.

There are also perks a promotions that come up all the time, by following @prettybirdapp on Instagram or Pretty Bird App on Facebook you will have all the access to promotions and perks!

If you’re looking for fabulous in a flash this is the app for you!


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