6 Ways To Be More Organized Each And Everyday


  • Write A Prioritized To-Do List For The Next Day The Night Before

I write a prioritized list on a notepad or compile a list on my iPhone notepad with the most challenging tasks listed first, it’s rewarding to cross off each task as they are accomplished throughout the day.

  • Make Your Bed And Do A 5 Minute Room Tidy

Make your bed, each and everyday. Tidiness begets tidiness, is the quote and it is so true. Once your bed is made do a quick 5 minute sweep, hang up clothes or place into the dirty clothes hamper, put away any books or extra items from your nightstand. Walk out of the room with a sense of early morning accomplishment that sets the tone for the day.

  • Have A Wall Calendar For Important Dates Days, Weeks, Months Or Even A Years Ahead

I have a wall calendar in my kitchen pantry which I update daily, it might be old fashioned these days to still have a wall calendar but it’s my family’s saving grace to be on task and on time while not missing anyone’s birthday or doctors appointment.

  • Declutter

Clutter and excess items seem to invade our space in the blink of an eye, I have an on-the-go basket for items being donated in my front hall closet that gets added to weekly and then once a month on the designated day the contents are placed in bag and set on the front steps for collection by our local charity.

  • Set Aside To Work Out / Do Yoga Or Meditate

Set aside 30 minutes marked in your to-do-list for yourself to workout, do yoga or meditate. This time of day is different for everyone as our schedules aren’t the same, for me it’s early morning sometime between 5-6AM. My daughter is still sleeping and most times even my husband – it’s my quiet time, mummy time or what ever you want to call it. Make some for yourself!

  • Nightly 15 Minute House Pick Up

Every night I spend 15 minutes walking into each room to do a quick pick up and return all stray items to their appropriate homes, straighten throws and cushions, collect any unwanted papers or magazines for the recycling bin then turn on the dishwasher – I like to wake up to clean dishes. I love heading off to bed with a quiet sense of pride that all is well in my small part of the world.

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