Start From Where You Are – A Business Mindset Shift



On the road to anywhere you have to start somewhere. The best place is to start where you are…not where you wish you would be, or think you should be, but from where you are now.

I’ve been hearing a lot of people lately (including my own children) say that they can’t do something because they don’t have the skills/money/resources/whatever.  And what I see is that they don’t even try.

As someone who sees possibilities, it breaks my heart to hear this from anyone…giving up, and checking out, then blaming anything and everything for the “less than” life that they have, or for the missed opportunities.

START FROM WHERE YOU ARE – if you don’t have the money/skills/resources to do or have that big thing, then start with what you do have, with what you CAN do…take a chance, take baby steps, just START!

Here’s an example – I asked my son what he enjoyed sports he liked doing, to which he said basketball and lacrosse. Then I asked if he would sign up for the lacrosse team next year – his response was “no, because I might not be good at it”…what makes someone good at something? It takes PRACTICE to become a master at something…and to practice, you need to START.

I encounter the same thing in business with my clients…letting the fear of the unknown or fear of failure or lack of cash in the bank stop them from even beginning to pursue their dreams. Then I walk them though my signature process that begins with clarifying what they’d like to have/do/be from a space of “if money wasn’t an issue”. Then, we take stock of where they are currently (I call this the reality check) with their money/debt/skills/resources/etc., so they can identify where the gaps are. It’s much easier to come up with a game plan to close those gaps and take practical actions steps towards actualizing your dreams when you know where you are starting from and where you want to go. Just like mapping out a road trip, you need to do the same with your business strategies and action plan.

Where have you been holding back and not starting something you’d really like to? What’s stopping you from starting? I would hazard a guess that NOTHING is really stopping you from STARTING…So, just start already – every moment, every day, so SOMETHING – and keep going!

Dream.  Plan.  Execute.  Create with ease – Go direct!

Want help getting started from where you are?
With my signature CFO Money Make-over Program (focused on shifting your money mindsets, increasing your cash flow and creating more ease in your business finances), you will discover how you can become more aligned with your business finances and create from a powerful place of purpose, rather than trying to “force” things to happen.  Ask me more – Book your complimentary Business Clarity Discovery Session and

  • Gain CLARITY into exactly where you would like your business to go and what’s standing in your way of more income and cash flows, and
  • Find out the one simple step you can take IMMEDIATELY to get into action in pursuit of your dreams.

For more information and to book a session, visit my website or send me an email.

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