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Before My IPL Treatment On My Face

Age spots, liver spots, pigmentation spots… whatever you like to call them; one thing is for sure. They are annoying little reminders that spring chickens we are not.

The not so good news is that everyone is bound to get at least 1 or 2 but usually more. They’ll pop up on our faces, décolletage, backs of hands and arms… any part of the body that see’s sun on a regular basis. They are mostly harmless, but to be completely sure, it’s best to get your spots checked at least once a year by a doctor or dermatologist; especially if you see any irregularly shaped or rapidly growing ones. Melanomas are the most serious form of skin cancer and is characterized by uncontrolled growth of pigmented spots… so best to get these professionally seen to.

The good news is that the harmless spots; the plain old age spots and liver spots we all get as we age can easily be lightened or in some cases removed with lasers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology.

Here at my own clinic, I use IPL to lighten or remove these pigmented spots and the results are fabulous. There is minimal to no downtime involved and although not completely painless, the treatment is easily tolerated by most. The spots can reappear after a period of time so my advice to clients is to use sunblock every day to minimize sun exposure on the area and to plan to have IPL every 6 to 12 months to minimize the spots from reappearing.

Lasers work similar to IPL in that the flash of light produced by the devise will be absorbed by the pigmented spot and will break up the pigment granules inside the skin cells. The spot becomes a little bit crusty for a couple of weeks and will then just flake away, leaving nice clear skin in its’ place (or at least much lighter than before treatment).

Have a look at these before and after photos. That’s me! I’m in my 40’s now and those little brown spots have been building, building for probably the last 8 years or so. After the IPL or Laser treatment you can expect the spots to look darker for up to two weeks. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Once the little crust peels away you will see that they have disappeared, or at least lightened.

Sometimes, the skin can look a little bit pinkish in the area where the spot was. This is just the skin still healing and the pinkness will slowly fade over the course of a few weeks until you normal skin colour returns.

IPL and Laser is so quick and easy to do but make sure you go to an experienced and reputable clinic. Like with any advanced procedure, things can go wrong if not done correctly. A reputable clinic will always assess your suitability and even perform a patch test before performing the actual treatment.


Immediately After My Completed IPL Treatment


My IPL Treatment Is Still Healing But The Results Are Starting To Show, The Tiny Dark Spots Will Heal Shortly And Completely Disappear

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