Essential Oils At Home ~ Orange

Orange oil in a small bottle and fresh fruit, selective focus

Orange oil with it’s zesty citrus smell is commonly used around our homes as a concentrate for room fresheners, an antibacterial agent in hand dishwashing detergent and degreaser in wood cleaners. As I don’t like using toxic chemicals or sprays around the house especially those that are airborne, I love Orange oil not only for it’s refreshing smell but because it can be made into a spray which discourages pests from taking up residence in our house plants. Our home and the studio are filled with all types of house plants, I have been using this recipe for as long as I can remember and all my plants have flourished with no pesky extra bugs or creepy crawlies.

  • Mix 48 Drops Of Orange Essential Oil With 1 Cup Of Water In A Spray Bottle.
  • I Use A Brown Glass Spray Bottle As Essential Oils Are Preserved Longer In Glass Rather Than Plastic.
  • Shake Well.
  • Spray A Fine Mist Over Each Plant Once A Week.
  • Always Store The Spray Bottle Out Of Direct Sunlight As The Bright Light Can Degrade The Potency Of The Oil.
  • Don’t Forget To Shake The Bottle Thoroughly Before Each Use.

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