We Are What We Continuously Do!


I am a firm believer in trying to keep a positive mind set as much as you can!  Taking things that go wrong and try to make it into something that can help you instead of hinder you.  Then there are things in life that put you in a situation of unavoidable stress!

This type of life altering situation can wreak havoc on your body mentally and physically.

This is me a few days ago.  I am not training for a competition, I don’t have a shoot coming up and I don’t obsess over my weight.

I am not 110lbs, I am 122 lbs and 5’2″.  I typically workout every day and eat very healthy 90% of the time.  The last week and half has been the worse time of my life.  The stress emotionally and mentally is at an all time high.  With this comes a break down physically. Stress changes hormones for the worse and causes the body to react negatively.  It is also very hard to get your mind in the game!  Meaning working out and making healthy choices.

There were a few days where I was about 70% on and 30% totally off with my eating.  This is due to long hours away from home that have been unpredictable.  I also have not been able to workout as much as I normally do for the same reason.  I do my best to put my meals together and schedule in my workouts. If I can’t get it in because of my situation, then I reschedule that workout to another day!  I don’t just skip it.  If I only have a half hour, I only have a half hour.  It is better than nothing!

I deal with people in high stress jobs daily.  They all have families and busy social lives.  I get a lot of excuses for not getting in workouts.   If you want something or believe in the value it will give to your life, you will do it!

I have learned in the last week that there are things you can’t control and things you can.  When it comes to work, home etc. You are holding the reins!  Workouts do not have to be done in a gym!  You can do things at home or outside!  I have been getting them in where ever I can and my stress and obstacles are 100% out of my control.

By making excuses for not working out or not eating well all the time, it becomes your habit!  So when you do the reverse, workout and eat healthy, it too can become a habit!  Which habit do you think is better?!

There are healthy choices every where!  I even had choices but due to stress, a couple of times I chose what I thought would make me feel better but in reality it made me feel worse!  I quickly shake that off and get back on track.  YOU ARE WHAT YOU REPEATEDLY DO! Never forget that!

We tend to forget about ourselves during times of crisis and that is only going to make things worse for you and your loved ones in the long run!  If you aren’t healthy and strong how do you expect to help others out?  Someone will have to be looking after you soon and I know for a fact no one wants that!

After feeling the stress starting to take over my body, I started supplementing to get what I need.  Through continuously giving my body the nutrients I was lacking and/or my body was destroying because of stress, I am able to keep myself together to get through this hard time!  I have been able to keep a healthy physique and a some what clear mind!

Don’t ever think stress just effects your moods and mind! It creates high levels of cortisol which then effects you physically!  Lack of energy, weakness, poor digestion, water retention, increase in body fat and much more!  By putting high levels of nutrient dense foods and supplements into your body and maintaining a regular exercise program, you will avoid sickness!  Even at your highest stress levels!


I understand getting to the gym every day and prepping food can be very hard to do when you are going through stressful life circumstances.  But there are so many things you can do to keep the blood flowing and keep you on track. Here are a few simple things to consider:

  1. Yoga at home – practicing yoga is not just great for improving your flexibility but it also helps relieve stress!  Getting up and doing 25-30 mins of yoga is a great way to start your morning and doesn’t take much time out of your day.
  2. Body weight exercises at home – Do a body weight circuit.  Squats, pushups, lunges, plank variations, plyometrics. There are so many combinations that can be done quickly either in the morning or after work!
  3.  Walking to work or taking the stairs- this is a great option for those who live and work in the city!  I know that you can’t take the stairs if you are on the 40th floor, but you could walk 10 flights and hop on the elevator from there. Walk to work or go for a walk at lunch! This is a great way to get some fresh air as well. Clears the mind!
  4. Get a workout group together at work – find some liked minded people who also want to be active.  This will keep you accountable and motivated. It could be as simple as going for a walk or going to a near by gym together.  You could also hire a trainer to do group training at work!

These are a few things that can help you stay active during busy times.  Now before you say this isn’t possible, sit back and think about the free time you do have.  I can guarantee you have it.  But you choose to do something other than be active.

I have been in a situation where I couldn’t go to a gym.  But I had a few moments during the day where I had an hour or two to kill.  I could go for a walk which seems useless but when you are holding onto stress, sitting and not moving, a walk can be very helpful to get blood pumping!  Keeps the body using nutrients!

There is no replacing workouts where you use resistance! It is important for many reasons. But life is unpredictable and a windy road.  Be proactive and always think about how your health is also important to others.

There is always a solution! There are times where you may not get a workout in or you may eat something not so healthy. But don’t beat yourself up over it and throw in the towel for the rest of the week!  The words “I will start again on Monday” should never come out of your mouth!  Just dust the dirt off your shoulders and get yourself going again the next day.  Remember, small activities when you don’t have the means or the time, still can make a big difference in how your body manages stress!

Treat yourself like you would want your loved ones to treat themselves! You want them to live a long and healthy life so why wouldn’t you do the same for yourself!  Get up every day with a plan to do the body good! You are what you repeatedly do!


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