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Hello Everyone,

I feel like this week just flew by, it also might have something to do with it being a short work week as Friday is Canada Day! …. Last weekend was hectic with my daughter’s 3rd birthday celebration on Saturday, then our niece’s birthday pool party on Sunday and driving up to Blue Mountain late Sunday evening for a couple of days in the beautiful warm sunshine but back to the studio late Tuesday afternoon to cram in a little work this week before our local Canada Day parade tomorrow. We are packing up the car again for the drive to Blue Mountain tomorrow for some fireworks, pool time and zip lining till Monday. I always miss my home when I’m away, it’s the little everyday things and personal trinkets which make up our surroundings. Our contributor Yogi Amanda Denton is launching a new online store Flashy Fish with her friend Jacinda, all the items are handmade in Canada, I just love their first hand screened tank. One week on and my daughter’s birthday celebration balloons are still going strong, because the balloons are still inflated apparently means it’s okay to drink Pink Lemonade for lunch and dinner according to Miss 3, all she needs to do is convince Mummy and Daddy.

Happy Weekend,

Leonie xx

P/S Happy Canada Day Tomorrow!!!!


Hand Printed Fisher Wife Tank From Flashy Fish 


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