Recycling Furniture


Now that you’ve made the decision to buy a new piece of furniture, what do you do with the old one???? More and more often I see perfectly good furniture on the curb for Bulk Waste pick up. With most of us having access to a computer and/or a smart phone today there shouldn’t be any reason for furniture to be put to the curb, even damaged or broken there are people/businesses that will recycle the materials to keep it from ending up in landfill. Depending on what you have and the condition there are many options today for recycling upholstered furniture that you may not have considered.

Options For Gently Used Furniture

Feel good and donate to a charity that takes furniture for families/people in need. Furniture Bank is an excellent charitable organization that serves the GTA (including Georgetown) and you even get a tax receipt! To schedule a pick up visit or call 416-934-1229 ext #2 for furniture removal.
Want money to go towards that new piece then consider consignment at a store like Chic-A-Boom in Caledon. Visit their website for more info on what they accept.
Sell on a local buy and sell site or place an ad in your local newspaper. There are many websites like Kijiji and Facebook pages like Georgetown Tell and Sell that you can post a photo and description to get rid of your furniture rather quickly – if you’re asking a reasonable price for it. Remember it’s used and you do want it gone before your new furniture is delivered right?
Ask if any of your family members, friends etc. would like to buy/have it.
Drop off to your nearest Habitat ReStore or community recycling center like Wastewise here in Georgetown. Call first to make sure they are accepting furniture as space can be limited.
There is no question that not every piece of upholstered furniture can be donated, consigned or re-sold. Some of these are just no longer suitable to be used because their life span has ended. Charities will not take rotted, broken or decaying furniture so what can we do with those pieces instead?

Options For End Of Life, Broken/Damaged Upholstered Furniture

Pinterest is a great idea source for recycling furniture. Follow my board Recycle It! for amazing creative ideas to repurpose just about anything!
Garage Sale – just because you don’t want it doesn’t mean that someone else can’t use it! Someone might just be looking for something to sit on in their garage, shed, cottage, workshop etc and the condition is no big deal if it’s going to get dirty anyways.
Broken antiques can be sold or offered cheap/free on your local buy and sell websites as well, there are people out there looking to bring those pieces back to life. Check with your local shelters, kennels, boarding or animal rehabilitation centers to see if the animals would enjoy a comfy place to lie down or scratch away at, I don’t think they’ll mind if it isn’t in brand new condition! Furniture Bank also recycles furniture that isn’t salvageable so it doesn’t end up in our landfills.

We may not be able to make the world better in one day, but every time we shop more responsibly and think about how to help the environment or people in need, we will be a step closer to achieving this.


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