“I have always been passionate about sustainable fashion. With a rapidly changing industry and the incredible pace of fast fashion, producing and creating locally has never been more important to me and my team. From the first design concept to the final production of a garment, every Tengdahl item is made right here in Brisbane, handmade with love and delivered directly to our two boutique stores.

Over the last 15 years, I have seen an huge change in the way people are buying fashion, with the start of the ‘fast fashion’ movement by giant global fashion brands. There has been a shift from producing four collections a year to almost weekly turnovers, producing more clothing than we could ever need or possibly wear. The “slow fashion” movement is about consumers challenging their purchasing regimes and asking the retailers important questions – who made my clothes, where do they come from and where is my money really going to? How are the people sewing and making my clothes being treated, and what happens to the clothes that we discard so quickly after we are finished with them? The less expensive polyster fabrics that allow our garments to be made so quickly and cheaply are not only toxic in their manufacturing, but the mass amount of wastage resulting from the fashion industry is causing detrimental damage to our land and waterways due to the non-biodegradable nature and toxicity of these by-products.

I am fortunate to be able to tell my clients truthfully and honestly where their clothes are coming from – from the raw materials right through to the maufacturers. My atelier workroom is located in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, overlooking the energy and bustle of the Queen Street Mall. Our flagship store in the Brisbane Arcade is downstairs, making stock dispatch and custom fittings a dream. We make all of our garments in small editions and quantities, allowing us to reduce wastage and allow our customers to guide us in manufacturing.

I am proud to be a 100% local designer. We are apart of the slow fashion movement – this is my creative space, and we are the people who make your clothes.”