How To Have Perfect Summer Hair


With the warmer months coming and the humidity getting higher, we have to deal with the not so popular frizzy hair. Here are 3 tips to help you battle that frizz and have perfectly styled hair.

It All Starts In The Shower

Making sure you have a great shampoo and conditioner is a must! It all starts with how you wash your hair and what you wash it with. I have recently been looking for a new great shampoo and I have found that Lush has amazing shampoo bars. They have different bars for different hair type’s which is awesome, they smell amazing while lasting for up to 60-80 washes.

Making sure that you load up on the conditioner helps fight frizz on those humid days, if you have super thin hair don’t load up as much but for every other hair type its ok. Make sure you start from the ends and work your way up; the ends are going to be where you need more moisture. A good tool to help penetrate the conditioner is getting a wide toothed comb and combing it through in the shower.

Post Shower

After shower you need to make sure you put a treatment in while the hair is still damp to give extra moisture to the hair, again use the same technique massaging it from the ends all the way up, Argan oil is great for this.

When Styling

Make sure you use a heat protector on your hair before blow drying or styling to help protect all that moisture you just put into your hair. Also using less hot tools in the summer will help with damage and frizz. Using wet rollers for a nice wavy curl is a great alternative. I also find putting your hair in a bun and letting your hair air dry also give a bit of curl to the hair. If you are going to use the hot tools though it’s always great to give yourself some lose summery waves with a wide curling iron. It’s a great fresh summer look!


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